Wednesday, November 20, 2013



the Shoulds and Guilts knocked on my door,
long-time neighbors, they.
so prim and proper, dressed to the hilt,
heads held high ... righteous

i welcome them in,
offered them a glass of heady wine,
chatted, gossiped,
discussed surpassing the Joneses

oxygen seeped from the room
leaving me feeling so very small,
knowing i could not fulfill
such vain and grand schemes

another knock -- my neighbors, the Mercies
over from next door, with packages.
home-baked bread, sweet jam,
butter and tea to share at our klatch

they, too, i welcomed in,
offered them a place to sit,
invited them to partake, and
all were lifted by comfort-filled discourse

light filled the room, warmth
and delicious fresh air.
the Mercies, giving life to the party,
allowed all to simply Be 

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